Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Popular Vote by Micol Ostow, Book Review

Title: Popular Vote
Author: Micol Ostow
Part of series or standalone:  standalone
Published:  Semptember 1, 2008
Publisher: Point

 Erin Bright, daughter of Plainsboro mayor, Caleb Bright, has been dating Logan for two years and is once again helping him prepare for school president elections. Logan is once again running unopposed...or is he? Logan tells Erin that Everett Field is being sold by the school board to Caswell Corp. to fund an art program at Plainsboro High School. Instead of a beautiful that holds special meaning to Erin and has a historic background, there will be a gas station there. When she expresses her concerns to Logan, he tells her that the school council wouldn’t have a say.

When Logan has to take questions from the school body about his platform, Erin finds herself ranting about trying to save Everett field. This causes friction between Logan and Erin. At first, it seems like as a couple they are ok until Erin blogs about the field. She decides to run against him to help save her beloved field. Will she save Everett Field? Will she win the election? Will her relationship with her friends…and her relationship with Logan?

I liked that Erin ran against her boyfriend, but I didn’t like how her friends treated her because of it. I thought this was an enjoyable book. I especially liked reading her blog and seeing how the comments reflected her current situations and problems.

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