Monday, September 5, 2011

Fins are Forever by Tera Lynn Childs

Title: Fins are Forever
Author:  Tera Lynn Childs
Part of series or standalone: Second in Fins series
Publisher:  HarperCollins Children's Books
Published:  June 28, 2011

*Contains spoilers from first book*

Lily Sanderson is going out with Quince Fletcher and couldn’t be happier. She decided to give up her title, so she could be with him. Since her grades aren’t the best, she’s studying like crazy for the SATs and is thrilled when Miss Molina, her Earth Science teacher in 9th grade, tells her that she could get an internship at Seaview Community. Since she never thought she’d stay on land, she hadn’t really worried about her grades.

She still lives with her Aunt Rachel and loves that Quince is her next-door neighbor. One morning, she finds her cousin, Dosinia, at her Rachel’s door. Apparently, Doe has been exiled from Thalassinia and stripped of most of her powers. Lily wants nothing to do with her, but unfortunately, Rachel invites her to stay. Doe tells Lily that Lily’s father said to consider helping Doe her last duty.

Doe doesn’t exactly make things easy for Lily. Doe starts showing interest in Brody, Lily’s former crush. Lily doesn’t think anything good can come out of this but Quince doesn’t see the harm. One day, Lily walks in on Brody and Doe and finds out that Doe kissed Brody. Lily resolves to go to Thalassinia to get her father to perform the separation ritual.

While Lily is there, she sees one of her old friends, Tellin. She hasn’t seen him since they were little kids. He tells her that his father is ill, so he is now acting as King of Acropora. That’s not all. He wants to bond with Lily, so they can rule together. Lily can’t believe the proposal he made. She had already made the decision to renounce her title. With Tellin in the picture, Lily starts to doubt her decision. Can she be queen? Will she find out why Doe’s been exiled? What is she going to do about Brody and Doe?

I didn’t like this one as much as the first one, but I still loved this one. At first, I liked Tellin but there were several times I wanted to throttle him. I won’t go into detail why, but he really annoyed me. I liked to see Lily struggling with her decision. It showed how much she cared for her people and that she didn’t know if she would be best for her people. I did find myself suffering from QDD (Quince Deficient Disorder) in this book. I love that this is a lighter paranormal book. Most of the ones out now are darker. Childs is definitely a breath of fresh air in this genre. Hopefully, there’ll be a third book. If not, maybe we could see some novellas.

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  1. I have Fins are Forever from the library right now so I'm glad to hear this is a good series :)