Thursday, December 22, 2011

Save the Pearls Part One: Revealing Eden by Victoria Foyt

Title: Save the Pearls Part One: Revealing Eden
                         Author:  Victoria Foyt
Part of series or standalone: First in Saving the Pearls series
Publisher:  Sand Dollar Press, Inc
Published: January 10, 2012
Format: Hardback
Source: Received from publisher

Eden Newman lives in a world where radiation permeates the atmosphere and light-skinned people, Pearls, are treated like scum while the dark-skinned people, Coals, are the upper class.  Eden dreams of the day when someone will see the real her and believes Jamal, a color-blind Coal, does.  She needs to mate by her 18 birthday, so she can better withstand the Heat that caused her mother to die. Her mate rate is really low, so she desperately hopes Jamal will choose her as a mate.
 Her father works with her but barely acknowledges her.  She wishes her father would pay more attention to her.  Eden gets in trouble with a Coal worker even though it wasn’t her fault.  Her boss, Bramford, another Coal, always looks over her shoulder and probably only tolerates her because of her intelligent father.
A breach of information causes her, her father, and Bramford to be stuck in the rainforest.  The longer Eden spend times with Bramford the more she becomes attracted to him, but one minute he is sweet and gentle and other times very abrupt.  She believes he sees the real her but is sometimes afraid because of how often he quickly acts like he can’t stand her.  Will Eden realize it’s ok to be herself and discover her true beauty?

I was immediately intrigued when I read the description.  Although, a part of me was meh because I often don’t like fantasy or sci-fi books but this definitely has changed my opinion.  I really loved this book.  I liked watching Eden grow and learn to love herself.  I also loved Bramford.  I did feel like I got literary whiplash though because of how often he changed how he treated Eden.  I wanted to slap him sometimes, but the reader will learn why he acts the way he does.  I can’t wait to read the next book and find out what happens next.

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