Monday, December 19, 2011

The Shadow (Borrowing Abby Grace #1) by Kelly Green

                                            Title: The Shadow (Borrowing Abby Grace #1)
                         Author:  Kelly Green
Part of series or standalone: First in Borrowing Abby Grace, series
Publisher:  Backlit Fiction
Published: October 16, 2011
Format: E-book
Source: Received from author

Abby Grace wakes up in a van with no recollection of who she is. She remembers small tidbits about herself but not much. She escapes from the van and is taken “home”, yet she has no clue who her “dad” is and apparently her little brother, Paul, was kidnapped, too. After being alone in her room for awhile, she gets a visitor, Wilhelm. He tells her that she’s Abby Grace and a Shadow, someone who helps other people that ‘borrow’ her. Right now, she’s helping Brooke. Will is pretty cryptic in all of Brooke’s encounters with him.

She’s trying to adjust to Brooke’s life while trying to find out who stole her brother. Some of the suspects range from a freshman trouble maker, a random guy Abby finds following her at times, and a high school teacher.

I was intrigued when I heard about this. I’ve always been a fan of Nancy Drew ever since I was in elementary school and also have always loved books involving the paranormal. This e-book blends just enough mystery and paranormal aspects that made me want to continue reading. I definitely hope to see more of Will in future episodes. I was really surprised by the ending. I really wasn’t expecting it. I do wish it was longer, but it is short enough for people who are reluctant readers or want a good story in a short amount of time.

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  1. This sounds like a really fun series I love the sounds of it! Great review!!

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