Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dead Rules by Randy Russell

Title:  Dead Rules
Author:  Randy Russell
Part of series or standalone: standalone
Published: June 21, 2011
Format:  hardcover
Source:  Own

Jana Webster finds herself in Dead School after she died in a freak bowling accident. When teens die, they are classified as Risers, Sliders, Virgins, and the Grays. Jana just happens to be a Riser and realizes Michael is no longer with her. She meets some fellow Risers that become her friend, but she’s also curious about a Slider, Mars Dreamcote. It’s not considered wise to fraternize with Sliders since they are closer to the Earth. Jana can’t keep her eyes off of him though. With Mars’ help, Jana is planning on killing Michael so they can be together, but there’s something Mars isn’t telling Jana.

I was real hesitant to read this book. I didn’t really expect myself to like, but I really starting to get into it. I definitely didn’t see some parts of the book coming. I liked that it told how people in the story died. I definitely cringed at some of them. Some stories were somewhat unbelievable. But sometimes freak accidents really happen.

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