Friday, May 18, 2012

The Sphinx Project (The Chimaera Project #1) by Kate Hawkings

Title: The Sphinx Project
Author: Kate Hawkings
Part of series or standalone: The Chimaera Project #1)
Published: February 28, 2012
Format: e-book
Source: for review

I received  copy for review.

All Michaela’s life, she has been training and been tested on to see how far her body can recover from viruses.  She, along with her sister, Nicole, and friends Mouse and Briana, have been lab rats for too long.  Her mother has been dead for 5 years, and they all decided that they need to break out.
When they do, there are creature-like humans that breakout as well.  They head out to the West Coast and find themselves in several skirmishes and natural disasters. 
I’ve never been a big fan of action or sci-fi books, but I thought this sounded good.  I thought the book was going to have a little more romance than it did, based on the blurb alone.  . I guess this made me expect a little more from the book.   There are a couple relationships that probably will be fleshed out somewhat more in the second. I really liked that Michaela was a tough character.  At first, I didn’t think a lot about the book.  I found it hard to continue reading for the first half.  I ended up liking it a lot more near the end of the book.  I think the second book will be a lot better.  The cliffhanger was great and makes me want to read the next book.

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  1. Hi sweetheart!

    thnx for your honest review. I'v never heard about this book before and it sounds like a good sci-fi even though it may be hard to get into it at first. I hope the second book kick asses! the story sounds promising ^.^

    thnx for stopping by ^.^ have a great weekend yay!!

    Happy reading!
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