Monday, June 4, 2012

Manga Mondays: Metamo Kiss, Volume 2 by Sora Omote

Metamo Kiss: Volume 2

Title: Metamo Kiss, Volume 1
Author: Sora Omote
Part of series or standalone: series
Published: July 10, 2007
Publisher: Tokyopop
Format: paperback
Source: own

Nanao is still infatuated with Hanamaru’s twin brother Konatsu and gets annoyed when she switches bodies with Hanamaru. This time she might actually have a good reason. Madoka goes to school with both of them and is the local paranormal geek. Nanao believes that she knows there secret. Madoka likes Hanamaru and gets Konatsu to help her.

Not only does Nanao have to worry about this, she also has an archery competition coming up and ends up switching on that day. Will Hanamaru be able to pull of the competition or is Nanao’s hopes of becoming the next captain of the archery team dashed?

I absolutely love the artwork for this book, but this series can be slightly confusing at times, especially when Nanao and Hanamaru switch. It does help that the manga is separated based on the kisses that Nanao and Hanamaru share. It does seem Nanano likes Hanamaru a little bit more in this novel. Hanamaru deserves a happy ending. He's so sweet and always apologetic when they accidently get switched. I wanted to shake Nanao at times because he is always trying to be there for her. I couldn’t believe that his twin tried to help Madoka. Konatsu usually tries to stay out of Nanao’s and Hanamaru’s business.

I wish I liked this more, but it was too confusing at times. The drawings definitely help make up for it.

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