Friday, July 20, 2012

From Fame to Shame by Veronica Blade

From Fame to Shame

Title: From Fame to Shame
Author: Veronica Blade
Part of series or standalone: standalone
Published: March 16, 2012
Publisher: Crush Publishing Inc
Format: e-book
Source: own


Maddie is the complete opposite of her twin sister, Jackie Bloom. Maddie rather would stay home and read while her, famous, actress sister would rather go out and party. When Maddie's sister begs her to come out to visit her, Maddie is somewhat suspicious. Jackie has always been fiercely independent and even became emancipated at sixteen. She only asks her parents for something if she desperately needs it.

Jackie confides in Maddie that she wants to get out of the spotlight. Dallas, her ex-boyfriend, broke up with her; she unknowingly dated a married man, and is being ridiculed in the tabloids. Jackie wants some R&R, especially since she is neighbors with her ex. Maddie agrees to switch places with Jackie, especially since Jackie has done that for her.

Maddie has to go to several events and photo shoots, but doesn't expect to run into her crush and sister's ex, Dallas. She's afraid that he'll be able to tell she is not her sister, but she can't stay away from him. It seems like he likes her, well her sister. Can she pretend to be with her sister and have her heart remain intact?

I'm always on the lookout for some good contemporary romances, but hardly find any that I actually want to pick up. I'm so glad I got this one. I loved Maddie's "relationship" with Dallas.

Dallas is definitely one of my fave guys in the contemporary books that I've read. He's sweet and saves "Jackie" from being embarrassed by steadying her before she falls after posing for cameras. I understood that Maddie was hesitant about not wanting to go out with him because of her sister.

This is definitely worth the read, especially when you need a little pick-me up. I definitely wish this was longer!

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  1. This book seems really nice!
    I havent heard of it before, but I will go look for it now!

    Great review