Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Liebster Blog Award


This is the very first award that I've gotten.  I was nominated by Nina @ Project Read and Review and  Gin @ Addicted to Words.

Questions from Nina

1. When did you start blogging? I started blogging in August 14, 2011.

2. Why did you start blogging?  First I had a Good Reads account, and it was about around then I started to find book blogs.  I though it only made sense to start a blog as well.  I liked looking at other blogs, and quickly wanted one of my own.

3. Who's blog do you wish yours was more like? I really like Lauren’s blog: 365 Days of Reading.  It was as one of the first blogs I started to read. I love her layout.

4. What is your favourite series?  That’s a toughie.  I’m going to say the Mediator is one of my favorites because it was one of the books that got me to really look for more paranormal books outside of  R.L. Stine and other similar authors like him.

5. If you could live inside any novel, which would it be?  I probably choose Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs.  I’ve loved all the mermaid books I’ve read, and I can’t swim.  Hopefully, I would be able to since the main character is a mermaid.  Plus, there’s a hot selkie.  Enough said.

6. If you could unread any book, what would it be and why?  Probably A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.  I really struggle getting into classics.  This was too detailed for my liking.  I like books that have a lot more dialogue.  I also hate being told to read a book.  I’m more of a mood reader.  I have to read what I want or it might take me a while to finish the book.

7. Which book is at the top of your To-Be-Read list?  Switched by Amanda Hocking.  I’ve read the first two books in her My Blood Approves series and really loved them.

8. What novel do you wish you had written yourself?  I wish I would have written The House Next Door by Richie Tankersley Cusick.  I think this novel is highly underrated.

9. Where is your favourite place to read? I definitely love reading in my bed.  I can get a lot more read when I’m comfortable.

10. Which book character do you wish was real?  Even though he’s a villain, I would want Julian from The Forbidden Game trilogy. 

Questions from Gin

1.     How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging since August 2011.

2.     Who is your favorite book character and why?   My favorite book character is Julian from The Forbidden Game Trilogy by L.J. Smith.  I always love villains, especially when they love the main character.  Plus, he also has some redeeming qualities, maybe not in the first book though.

3.     Who is your favorite author?  Man this is tough.  I have to stick with some of the earlier authors I started reading like R.L. Stine and Meg Cabot.  I also love L.J. Smith’s books.  I’ve started reading Kailin Gow’s books and love all of the book boys and story lines so far. Some indie authors I love are Quinn Loftis, Julia Crane, and Shelly Crane.  I know author is singular, but it’s so hard to pick just one sometimes.

4.     Movie first or book first? I like to try to read the book first, but it doesn’t always work out that way.  I went to see the Hunger Games movie with my sister, and I have yet to read the book.

5.     Contemporary or Fantasy? Definitely contemporary, but it’s hard for me to find some that interest me sometimes.

6.     What is the worst book you've ever read and did you finish it?  I try to only read books that I’ll like.  I probably have to go with A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.  I did finish it, but only because I had to for school.

7.     Where is your favorite place to read? I usually always do most of my reading in bed.  I try to do it other places, but my bed is just way too comfy.

8.     On average, how many books do you read every week?  When school’s out I could read about 5, but once college starts, the only books I read are textbooks.

9.     Physical book or ebook?  I prefer physical books, but there’s a lot of great indie authors out there.  I just have to check their ebooks.

10.  Book store or delivered to your door?  I love going to a book store, but the anticipation of getting books through the mail and delivered to the door is so much greater.  

I'm supposed to tag 10 blogs back, but a lot of blogs don't accept awards.  When I can find 10 blogs, I'll post some questions and tag them.

10 facts about me

1.     I am too much of an early bird.  When school goes on, I get up like at 5:30.

2.     I absolutely love The Phantom of the Opera.

3.     I’ve watched the 2004 musical The Phantom of the Opera over twenty times and at least 5 other versions.

4.     I’m really indecisive.  I’ve been known to buy two of the same things in different colors because I couldn’t decide.

5.     I used to love to make things out of polymer clay.  I definitely need to start doing that again.

6.     I always read the ending of a book first. 

7.     I love playing video games.

8.     I want to travel overseas, but I’m too afraid of riding in an airplane.

9.     I can only read or play games when I get in a reading/gaming mood.

10.   I love reality television.  Yeah, I know a lot of it’s not real, but I can’t help it.

Thanks ladies!