Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sovereign Hope by Frankie Rose

Sovereign Hope (The Hope Series #1)

Title: Sovereign Hope
Author: Frankie Rose
Part of series or standalone: series
Published: July 1, 2012
Format: e-book
Source: for review

I received a copy to review from the author.

Farley’s mother is missing, so she’s constantly contacting Detective Miller.  When she is in traffic, she notices that someone is following her.  She tells her friend Tess about it, but all of a sudden she slams into the vehicle in front of her.  Apparently, it isn’t really her fault.  The driver of the vehicle she smashed tells her that he was following the people that are following her. 

Farley is just about to lose it when she sees blue flames that don’t hurt the male driver appear.  Eventually, Farley meets up with her friend, and they head to Farley’s house.  Farley decides to tell Miller the truth, and later finds the male driver at her house.  His name is Daniel, and he knows a lot more than he’s letting on and doesn’t really want to stick around long.

She finds a note from a girl named, Agatha.  Agatha wants to meet Farley at a fair.  As Farley is looking around, she thinks she she’s her mother, but is quickly informed by Agatha that she is being tricked.  Her dad hasn’t been around in Farley’s life and definitely doesn’t want Farley alive.   

This book started out somewhat slow for me.  The beginning was really good, but then the story just kind of seemed slow after that. I thought this book picked up a lot more at the halfway point.  I know Daniel was supposed to be the love interest, but I never really felt a connection to him.  I was definitely more into Kayden, but don’t worry because there’s not a love triangle to this story.  I’m not going to tell what role Kayden plays in it because that would give way too much away.  I just hope he’s in the next book a lot more.

This did have quite a few actions scenes, and normally I don’t like them for the most part.  In this story’s case, I actually liked the book a lot more when there wasn’t any.  I felt really bad for Farley, and I did expect something about her mother once some more things were revealed in the story.

I definitely was frustrated along with Farley.  Agatha and Daniel didn’t put a lot of trust in her, and seemed to withhold quite a bit of information at times.

If you like your paranormal reads scattered with action scenes and “I love but yet I can’t” type romances, check this one out!


  1. I do like a decent action scene :-)

  2. Thanks for the review! :) I really hate slow beginnings! I put down so many books at first because of slow beginnings and then when I got back and it picks up I find it so much more engaging! :) I may not read it though because of a slow beginning; it's always a turn-off for me.

    Eileen @ ***Singing and Reading in the Rain***