Monday, August 6, 2012

Beautifully Broken by Sherry Soule

Beautifully Broken (Spellbound #1): YA Urban Fantasy 

Title: Beautifully Broken
Author: Sherry Soule
Spellbound series #1
Published: August 30, 2011
Publisher: Moonlight Publishing
Format: e-book
Source: for review
  I received a copy for review

Shiloh Ravenwolf has been able to see shades and demons since she was seven. She tried to talk to her dad about it, but there’s no one she can talk to about this. In Whispering Pines, people have gone missing.

At school, she’s treated like an outcast because she is descended from one of the thirteen founding families and traces her heritage to witches. She does have friends, Jada, Ariana, and Paige and one marred by tragedy. Ariana’s sister was killed and her parents left Ariana soon after.

After a visit from a demon, Shiloh is more determined to find out what really happened to the missing people. When she was younger, her parents claim that she tried to kill herself because she was found with a razor and bleeding profusely. However, Shiloh knows she wouldn’t do that to herself, and her scar hurts and changes color when danger lurks.

Not only do the missing people put the town on edge, but Maxwell Donavan has returned with his son, Trent Donovan, and has decided to renovate the haunted Ravenhurst Manor.

Determined to get answers and learn about architecture, Shiloh signs up for the internship. Will Shiloh be able to prepare herself for the town’s secrets or die in the process?

At times, I felt Shiloh was a bit immature. I did feel bad because of how her mom, Jillian, treated her. Jillian was definitely an ice queen, and I expected there was a lot more to her. I couldn’t believe some of the things she did to Shiloh. I hope their relationship will get better in the second book though.

I liked Trent, but I felt he ran to hot and cold. Trent and Shiloh both have issues they need to work on. There were several characters that have been betrayed in the book, and I felt bad for all of them.

At times, I do admit I was spooked, but fans of paranormal romance/ horror stories should give this a try and see what lurks inside the walls of Ravenhurst Manor.

I suggest checking out Sherry’s website for the series: There are a ton of character pictures and descriptions, and I absolutely loved looking through them.


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  2. Ive seen a couple of reviews on this one.
    Glad you enjoyed it!
    Great review

  3. Oh, this book sounds amazing! I have problems with hot-and-cold boy, so I might won't enjoy meeting Trent that much. But I can't resist good mystery, so I think I'll forgive the characters issue! x) I'm glad you enjoyed it in overall! <3

    Beautiful review, Amy! :)