Saturday, August 11, 2012

Marked by Jennifer Snyder

Marked (Marked Duology, #1)Title: Marked
Author: Jennifer Snyder
Marked Duology #1
Published: February 22, 2012
Publisher:  self-publihed
Format: e-book
Source: own

Tessa Morganton is working with her best friend, Rachel, at a diner and sees a newcomer to her town. Unfortunately, her boyfriend, Sam, notices and starts acting like a jerk. Apparently, Jace, the newcomer, hears the outburst and asks if Sam is bothering her.
This isn’t the last time she sees Jace.

Rachel convinces Tessa to get him to buy them tequila, and instead of getting Tessa to pay him with money, he wants to go out with her, knowing that she has a boyfriend. She agrees and finds herself liking him. Tessa is torn between Sam and Jace. Sam has been a jerk for a while, but she feels bad that she’s started to secretly date Jace. However, dating Jace isn’t problem free. He has family and friends that show up unexpectedly. They definitely don’t seem to like Tessa, but she has no idea why.

As it gets closer to her birthday, Jace becomes more intense. Is there more to him than meets the eye?

I liked Tessa okay, but I didn’t like that she dated Jace behind Sam’s back. I liked Jace a whole lot better and thought Sam was a jerk, but it didn’t still excuse it. Jace does show Tessa that she shouldn’t be treated this way. It’s pretty obvious what Jace is, and Tessa has several dreams that allude to what he really is.

I’m looking forward to see what happens next with Jace and Tessa.

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