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Between the Sea and Sky by Jaclyn Dolamore

Between the Sea and Sky
Title: Between the Sea and the Sky
Author: Jaclyn Dolamore
Published: October 25, 2011
Publisher:  Bloomsbury USA Children's Books
Format: hardback
Source: own

Esmerine is going to become a siren. When she was younger, she would go on land and play with Alander, a winged-boy, and often made fun of because she played with him. Eventually, they stopped playing and reading together when he started to go the Academy and was ready to become a messenger.

Esmerine has found it easier than some mermaids to walk on land, but it still causes her pain to walk on land. All mermaids have a belt that if given to a human, will let them live on land without pain, but this must be done with caution because once the belt is given away there’s no returning to the sea as a mermaid. Dosinia, however, isn’t at her ceremony. Esmerine can’t believe her sister would do this to her. She decides to go on land to find out what happened to her. With Alander’s help, will she find why Dosinia left?

I started this book early last year, but I ended up setting it aside because it was taking me a while to get into the story. I usually can read the first couple of pages fairly quickly, but it was a challenge for me for this book at first. I recently picked it up again, and found myself finally enjoying the book. I felt bad that Esmerine’s sister didn’t come to her siren ceremony. 

I liked that Alan helped Esmerine when she needed him. I thought he was a very sweet character, even though at times he didn’t seem the most socially inept person. There were times, he was just too matter of fact. I’m glad I picked this book up again. This ended up being a very sweet book.

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