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My Wolf's Bane (Shapes of Autumn #1) by Veronica Blade Review & Excerpt

My Wolf's Bane

Title: My Wolf's Bane
 Shapes of Autumn #1
Author: Veronica Blade
Published: February 1, 2013
Publisher:  Crush Publishing, Inc
Format: e-book
for review

I received a copy for review.

Autumn constantly has to move because of her parents.  They’re also very protective/hovering.  She doesn’t want to move because it’s her senior year, and hopes to turn eighteen before she is told she has to move.  She’s even made friends and has become popular.  She has a boyfriend, Daniel, and has popular friends as well, but she is not the kind of person that doesn’t talk to people that aren’t popular.  One day at school, she comes out of the bathroom and trips into Zack.  She doesn’t think he’s a student because of how old he looks, but Daniel is immediately on the scene and wants to hurt Zack for touching Autumn.

Autumn already had planned to break-up with Daniel, and she wants to even more know after how he acted.   She doesn’t get the chance, but she does notice that Daniel isn’t how he used to be.  He’s very pushy and isn’t as nice and charming as he was in the beginning.

She’s definitely attracted to Zack, but every time she looks at him, it seems like he dislikes.  One of her popular friends, Gina, likes Zack and plans to make a move.  Another one of her friends, Maya, eventually starts to accuse Autumn of liking him. 

Without having Zack and Daniel drama, Autumn has been experiencing some changes.  She’s noticed that she can heal really fast and starts to have cravings for meat even though she’s a vegetarian.  Will Autumn figure out what’s going on with herself and Zack?

I wasn’t for sure what to expect when I started this.  I have read a contemporary novella by Veronica, From Fame to Shame, and I loved it.  I was pumped that this was   I couldn’t stand that Zack had kept treating Autumn like she was man, when she really wasn’t.  This issue does get settled, but then Zack doesn’t want to get involved with Autumn for different reasons.  I never could stand the main male character pushing away the female character, when all I want for them is to be together or act more like they want to be together.  In one word, kiss!  That could be why really I liked this one and didn’t love it. 

I really enjoyed this one, and didn’t once hit a reading slump in the book like I have in others, which is a great thing.  The ending wasn’t really a cliffhanger, so anybody that hates those won’t be annoyed with the ending, but it definitely is set up enough for a sequel.

Author Bio:
Veronica Blade lives in Southern California with her husband and children. By day she runs the family business, but each night she slips away to spin her tales. She writes stories about young adults to relive her own childhood and to live vicariously through her characters. Except her heroes and heroines lead far more interesting lives and they are always way hotter.
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I tossed the makeup bag into my backpack, slung it over my shoulder and whipped open the door. Barreling out of the bathroom, I slammed into what felt like a walking boulder. I ricocheted off the human rock and my backpack hit the wall behind me, throwing me off balance and pitching me forward into the hard, linoleum tile.
My palms cushioned my fall, but I winced as pain spiked up my wrists. On all fours, I lifted my chin and peeked through my curtain of dark hair.
He wore a black tee that molded to his wide, muscular shoulders and jeans that fit over powerful legs. Wow. I’d thought my soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend was cute, but this guy…
“You okay?” the hottie asked in a sexy, gravelly voice, stretching a hand toward me. His hand wrapped around mine and effortlessly pulled me up, as if I weighed no more than my calculus book. Maybe it was the throbbing in my limbs or the warmth of his hands on my elbows. Or maybe it was his earthy scent invading my senses, but a wave of dizziness hit me and I tipped forward.
His hands shot to my hips to steady me.“Easy there.”
I stared into his deep, green eyes as my palms rested on his hard biceps for support. Lord, he smelled good, like the forest after rain.
My breath hitched.