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Imaginable by J. Meyers

Imaginable (Intangible, #2)


Title: Imaginable
Author: J. Meyers
 Intangible #2
Published: April 16, 2013
Publisher:  self-published
Format: e-book
Source: for review

I received a copy to review.

*May contain spoilers from previous books

Luke and Sera are Children of the Prophecy and each are blessed with gifts. Luke is able to See the future while Sera can heal. Sera found out that she can use her powers to heal vampires to the point where they're becoming human. She doesn't know that vampires she turns still have the abilities that a vampire does, with the exception of teleportation, like hearing and speed, now a group of vampires and "humans" that call themselves Regia mortali are after Sera and kidnap her and Quinn, Sera's and Luke's friend. With new friends Brandan and Raquel, will Fey, Jonas, Luke, and help of fae from the Realm be enough to get Sera back?

I'm not for sure if I like this one more than the first one or not, but I'm definitely loving this series so far. These books have been so easy to read. I feel like I can read these books nonstop without wanting to take a break. It's been a while since I've read the first one, but I've forgotten how funny Luke can be.

Luke's and Fey's feelings for one another are mentioned a lot more in this book. I didn't know if I'd like them together or not. I do but I don't. I didn't like that it seemed that Fey would protect Luke over Sera. I do like them as a couple, but I still can't get that out of my mind. Since she has known both Luke and Sera since they were little, I thought that should be more difficult if she had to choose.

At the end of the first book, I was happy that it seemed that Sera and Jonas would have feelings develop, but I wish their feelings were mentioned more than what it was. I thought I'd like them together more, but since they weren't talked about together much in the book, it was difficult for me to really know if I still like them together or not. I hope there'll be a lot more about Luke/Fey and Sera/Jonas.

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