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Down 'N' Derby (Love and Skate #3) by Lila Felix

Down 'N' Derby (Love and Skate, #3)

Title: Down 'N' Derby
Author: Lila Felix
Love and Skate #3
Published: April 10, 2013
Format: e-book
Source: for review

I received a copy for review.

Maddox Black has known he’s adopted since he was nine.  Sylvia Black is really his aunt.  Chase and Sylvia have been taken care of Maddox since Sylvia’s twin sister, Sela, died.  Maddox causes quite a stir when he drags his cousin, Nixon, across the country in search of his dad.  The only thing he knows about his dad is that his name is Einer Macon.  Maddox doesn’t know but Reed and Falcon decide to postpone their wedding until he comes back home to Louisiana.

Maddox only contacts Reed, which Reed decides not to let the rest of the family know about his whereabouts.  This causes friction between Reed and Falcon.  Nixon also keeps in touch with Reed without Maddox knowing.  Maddox feels bad about what he is putting his family through, but he needs to know about his biological father.

Nixon tries to loosen up Maddox on the road trip.  When they both make it to California, Maddox meets Storey at a beach.  Maddox has always been seen with different girls, but most people don’t know that anybody that touches him causes him to feel prickly and discomforted.   So, Maddox tries to avoid touching Storey at all costs.  It will devastate him if she makes him feel the same way.  This doesn’t stop him from trying to get to know her.  He learns that she models and does a lot of pin-up modeling with classic cars. 

The more Maddox gets to know Storey the more he hopes he won’t react the same way with her that he gets with everybody else.  Storey has some insecurities as well in their budding relationship because her only boyfriend, Simon, was abusive and didn’t treat her like he loved her.  Will they be able to heal each other’s wounds?

I really liked Maddox because I feel like his the most real character in this series.  I still like Falcon more though, but I loved reading about Maddox’s story.  I was thrilled that there was still alternating points of view and included characters other than Storey and Maddox. 

With each book, I think Lila has gotten better at developing the characters.  I also feel that Maddox’s and Storey’s relationship as a couple was more drawn out and developed than other characters in this series, which further makes this book more realistic.  Storey and Maddox both have problems and are able to find solace in each other.  Sometimes Maddox will push Storey away while Storey keeps comparing Maddox to Simon.

As much as I’m looking forward to read about Nixon, I’m more excited to see how Storey and Maddox’s story will continue as a couple.

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