Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hidden Wings by Cameo Renae

Hidden Wings (Hidden Wings, #1)  

Title: Hidden Wings
 Author: Cameo Renae
 Hidden Wings #1
Published: January 13, 2013
Publisher: Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing
Format: e-book
Source: own

The story starts with Emma waking up in the hospital to find out that she lost her parents in a car crash that she had survived. She is also informed that her mom’s half-sister, Elaine, a relative that Emma had no idea existed, is going to become her legal guardian and she is going to move from California to Alaska.

Emma doesn’t know what to think about Elaine because she is too distraught about her parents. Her two best friends pack suitcases for Emma and bring them to the hospital. Elaine sends someone to pick Emma up, a guy, Kade, that seems to be around the same age as Emma. When she touches him, he immediately causes her to feel tingly and shocks throughout her. She eventually learns that she causes him the same reaction. On the way to Alaska, Emma is attacked by what she learns to be a Darkling.

She also learns a few things about herself and her parents once she is in Alaska. Apparently, some things are after her and wants her dead especially before she turns eighteen. Living in Alaska, might not be as mundane as Emma thinks it will be. Unfortunately, it could cost her life.

I saw pretty great reviews for this book, so I was really stoked when the price of this went down and immediately purchased it. The beginning of this was really slow for me. It was still readable, but I just think I had too high of expectations before I started reading it.

Some people may not like this, but the story itself only takes place over a few days. Personally, I liked that it only spanned a few days and was fast-paced with the description. It did take me a while before I got into it, but I really enjoyed it. It has just enough action not to push me over the edge.

I really can’t wait to see wait develops between Kade and Emma. In a way, I’m glad that Cameo didn’t rush it between them, but another part of me just wanted them to go ahead and kiss. Kade isn’t my favorite among the male guardians, but I still am interested to see what happens between them.

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