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How it Rolls (Love and Skate #2) by Lila Felix

How It Rolls (Love and Skate, #2)

Title: How it Rolls
Author: Lila Felix
Love and Skate #2
Published: February 11, 2013
Publisher:  self-published
Format: e-book
Source: for review

I received a copy for review.

Falcon doesn’t look how he acts.  He sports a mohawk, multiple tattoos, and a tongue piercing, but he doesn’t go out, works for his family without taking any money, and hasn’t dated in ages.  Falcon had dated a girl when he was younger, but she broke up with him because he was too serious.
Falcon meets Reed, a new worker for Nellie’s book store, and can’t stop wondering about her.  At first, he only heard her name and thought he would have to help a guy sign his papers.  He finds out he was completely wrong.  Reed’s really shy, but is going to play on the Derby team that Nellie co-captions.

Falcon constantly stares at her when she walks by where he’s working, and she notices him too.  She has feelings, as well, but thinks that he is too good for her because she is homeless.  Falcon is constantly at her side trying to buy her nice food when she claims she’s hungry.  Reed has been tossed around from foster home to foster home until her last family kicked her out.  Reed feels that she isn’t worthy of Falcon’s family either.

Falcon doesn’t want to smother her, but he can’t help but be there for her financially.  Will Falcon push her away or will Reed’s past and current situation prevent her from finally realizing that someone can love her for who she is?

I like Falcon so much better than Owen. He is so sweet and I love that he is always there for his family and friends.  I love that his looks is a contradiction to how he really is. I think Lila developed the characters a lot better in this book than the first one.  I probably even like Reed better than Nellie as well.  I also connected a lot more to their story as a couple.

I still wish that derby matches were more prevalent in this series still.  I like that Lila’s stories are more fast-paced, but I think that is why there isn’t as much derby elements that I would like.  Although, I do feel like it was mentioned more in this book than the other.  Anybody that likes fast-paced stories, new adult contemporary, and swoon-worthy guys should check this out.

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