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A Season to Wed (Year of Weddings) by Rachel Hauck, Cindy Kirk, and Cheryl Wyatt

A Season to Wed: Three Winter Love Stories

Title: Season to Wed, Year of Weddings

 Authors: Rachel Hauck, Cindy Kirk, Cheryl Wyat
  Published: November 3, 2015
 Publisher:  Zondervan
Format: paperback
 Source: for review

I received a copy from BookLook Bloggers

Love at Mistletoe Inn

Hope has sworn off love ever since her quick marriage that ended almost as soon as it happened or so she thought.  While she is with her friend at a Boise Bridal Extravaganza, she finds out that even though her marriage was never recorded she still could be married.
Her ex, John, left town after their “failed” marriage and graduation but has decided to return and put down roots.
I thought the writing style was enjoyable and never felt that it dragged.  I did really enjoy this book, but I thought there was too much mention of the attraction of both characters and adult situations for a Christian story.  It did not go into any descriptions, but I really would have preferred for that not to be there. It just seemed too sudden.  I would read more from Cindy because I did like her writing but would do so after some research on the book.

 A Brush with Love

Ginger tries to make others beautiful through styling hair.  She was in an accident where fire has left her physically and emotionally scarred but that is not the only thing she can’t get over, Tom Wells.
Ginger tutored Tom in high school and even was going to go on a date with him, but he didn’t show up or give or a reason why.

Ginger is not the only one with something to hide, Tom left town for a reason and does not want Ginger to know.  However, it’s going to be hard for him to hide it, especially since he came back to town to start his own ministry.  Tom’s old feelings have started to resurface and spends some time with Ginger because she is doing the hair for his friend’s wedding, at which is going to be part of the wedding.

I probably liked this story the most, but Serving Up a Sweetheart was really close.  I hated to see how the bride treated Ginger.  Bridget didn’t really give much thought in how her actions made Ginger feel.  This story definitely had God has a focus more so than the other books.  I liked seeing that Ginger wasn’t a believer at first because the stories I’ve read in the Year of Weddings series has had both of the main characters already have faith.  However, keep in mind I have not read a lot of these.  I just found it refreshing.  I have read another book by Rachel Hauck before and would do so again.

5/5 Serving Up a Sweetheart

Meadow cannot catch a break first her ceiling collapses, see attacks a snowman, and one of her high school bullies/tormenters sees her fight a snowman and lose, well at least her shoe inside of the snowman.

Colin offers to help her but does not recognize who it is at first.  He apologizes but Meadow doubts his sincerity.  Colin offers to fix Meadow’s kitchen that she has been using for catering, and she eventually agrees after Colin mentions that she could pay him back by doing some decorating for him.  Also, he lets her use his pole barn kitchen to work in while he is working on her kitchen.

I thought the beginning of this story was pretty funny, especially the snowman scene.  I loved that Meadow’s catering team consisted of at-risk teenagers.  In my opinion, it was a very nice touch.  God is mentioned a bit throughout, and I felt that praying/talking to God was done more in this story than the others.  I don’t think I’ve read anything by Cheryl before and definitely would, especially any that had quit a few comedic moments because I thought those were pretty great.

Overall, I think this book as a whole mentioned God more than the other Year of Weddings more than Winter Brides and thought that was definitely important to note.

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