About Me

First off, I'll talk a little bit (well maybe not a little) about this blog.  I love  and mostly read young adult, christian fiction, and middle grade books.  I like reading manga books as well but have only read a couple.  This blog will feature reviews from all of these genres but will mostly focus on young adult.  I like reading contemporary and paranormal books the most.  I also read the occasional fantasy and historical books but these two are hit or miss.   When I start going back to college, the reviews could be few and far between.  This year I'm going to try to read more books than I have in the past. Once in a while, I'll talk about college or some other random thing.  Maybe about movies or music.  

Ok, now for a little more about me.

I'm a college student that can't make up her mind on what to major in.  I keep thinking about several majors but I keep going back and forth.  During my free time, I usually am listening to music, watching TV, playing video games, and of course reading.  I love black and white photography.  I haven't really taken pictures in a while but I like to develop them more.