Loanable Kindle Books

I've recently started to go Kindle crazy and started to buy several for my PC app.  I decided to share my purchases with the people that follow my blog.  Most people I know don't read the books I do, so I thought I'd loan them.  If you don't follow my blog, just click on the GFC and tell me your name that's listed.  Make sure to e-mail me your e-mail address, and I'll try to loan you the book ASAP.  Some of these books I got for free on Amazon.  So, you might want to double check to see if they're still free.

I'm going to limit the e-books for two per person at a time.  This will be a first come, first serve basis.  All of the e-books are ones that I've personally bought on Amazon.  Once someone has already borrowed the book, I'll take it off the list.  Just a side note, the dates that are listed beside the book are when I got them.  I got a little lazy in taken them off.  Also, if any fellow bloggers or other people ever want to do this as well.  Feel free to e-mail me and I could put a link to your blog if you want.  Also, feel free to do that for my blog as well.  It's also possible that I overlooked if the e-book could be loaned.  I went through my books, but I might have overlooked some.  So, sorry in advance!

There are some young adult, Christian fiction, etc.  As, I acquire more, I'll list them as well.

Here's my e-mail, astheworldfallsdown2011(at)gmail(dot)com

Happy Reading!

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