Review Policy

Updated 8/1/2017

*At this time, I am no longer accepting ARCs unless I have dealt with you personally or have contacted you myself.  I believe people are using my e-mail and signing me up for newsletters I never signed up for.

I will accept ARCs and finished copies of books.  I'll also read ebooks but if I receive a lot this way, I might decline in the future because I don't like reading on my computer for long amounts of time.

I will only accept to review books that are Young Adult, Christian Fiction, and Middle Grade that has romance in them.   As for genres, I'll review paranormal, chick lit, fantasy,contemporary, mystery, and historical.  I might consider other genres, but the ones I stated will take precedence. 

I know some publishers like for books to do review books a month before the book releases.  If this is not told to me, I do reviews shortly after finish reading them.

I also will review shojo manga books but will NOT if the age rating is for Older Teen.  As long as it's younger than that, it's ok.

Any books that I receive to review, I was not paid and do not accept compensation to read and review the book.  Whatever I review about the book is what I truly think of the book.